Traveling from Home with Chef Charlie


Are your taste buds craving some edible adventure? What if you didn’t need to leave your house to experience the cultures and tastes from around the world?


Chef Charlie Vollmar, a chef, culinary educator, and travel guide, is going to send our taste buds on an international excursion each week!


And we don’t even need to leave our home!

Honors graduate of the California Cooking School in San Francisco and having previously trained at both Wente Vineyards in Livermore and Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Chef Charlie brings 25 years of experience to his classes. Establishing his own cooking school, Epicurean Exchange in 1999, his classes not only uniquely immerse the students in food traditions and local cuisines, but acutely focus on developing skills and techniques in the kitchen. As an advocate for sustainable lifestyles, he thoughtfully encourages seasonal produce selection in his recipes and healthy choices to develop positive habits.

While Chef Charlie’s hands-on cooking classes take place at his Orinda-based cooking school, he’s looking forward to bringing his expertise and passion for European cuisine to Castro Valley Marketplace‘s Pop Out Kitchen!

No need to pack your bags and rush to the airport for this international flight: stay tuned as we travel to Italy this week with Chef Charlie!